Saturday, 15 January 2011

the topshop ring didn't mean a thing

I was rather bored at sixth form so I went on the topshop website, and I when I say I fell in love about 13 times, I mean it. My favourite has the be the HUGE green one on the right - it's just everything I want in a ring :) Now it's the decision of spending £12.50 on it...
Lydia xx
P.S which one do you like best?


  1. Ooo! My fav is the peach under the green and the coil one... cute!

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  2. LOVE the big green one too and i own the orange one just below it but the stone is rings!! You are after my heart with this post :)

  3. Love the one with the coral colored stone, the one with the green stone, and the one with the red stone :) They are all really nice though!

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  4. yayyy found someone with a love for rings like me :D

    i adore them all



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