Saturday, 15 January 2011

a high heel dilemna

Hey guys :) my sister and I had to rush these before it got too dark, so the lighting isn't perfect. I've never worn this outfit combination before but I actually love it.

top - h&m mens
belt - off a pair of old jeans

shorts - DIY
tights - primark

shoes - new look
 I bought these shoes back in the summer for a party but I was too ill to even go and I haven't worn them out since :( I just never seem to find the right occasion. They are too high for regular wear, too open for the winter, too dressy for gatherings and too thin for raves. But they are still my favourite pair of heels and I WILL wear them out eventually.
Have a wonderful weekend
Lydia xx


  1. you look gorgeous!

    Lovely outfit :)

    Keep up the good work :p

    Love shyy xx

  2. You made those shorts?? well done
    strut mode

  3. loving the outfit and the shoes look super cute xoxo


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