Sunday, 16 January 2011

share sunday #002

Hey guys :) This week has been so broken up, from exams on monday and tuesday to an 18th on friday and having no work on saturday. It feels like 2 months have gone past - or maybe I'm just going crazy.. and that is certainly a possibility.

ANTM. The show I wouldn't miss even if I was giving birth. They had a photoshoot where they had a word that people used to tease them with when they young and it was written all over their bodies. Then they have an empowering word to do with the same quirk. They had some cracking words but my favourite had to oero because the girl was black on the outside but "white" on the inside. I could definitely identify with her but whoever made up that name for her must be a bully genius - I joke.

silky cardigan - primark (sorry, if you can't really see it)
  I had my friends 18th on friday which was fun. It was lovely to catch up with people I hadn't seen in about two years and remember why I was friends with these people in the first place. But I seemed to be the only one who wanted to dance and they refused to play anything I remotely wanted to jam to. I had to literally ask every person if they had what's my name? on their phone/ipod. It took about 20 minutes but when I heard the introduction I don't think I've ever screamed so loud in my life. That really is my song.

Lastly, just a quick insight to my life, I always seem to make awkward situations more awkward. Is this just me or do other people do this? I'll be all fine then that one person you don't want to be there walks in like they own the place and you start to panic. You say to yourself, I'm gonna talk to them and you end up saying something really rude, therefore rising the level of awkwardness between you. The amount of times I have done this would win a "you'd make an awkward turtle cringe" award. Jeez..

Hope you all have a wonderful week
Lydia xx

P.S Sorry about the topic hopping...

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  1. I totally understand what you mean about the awkward situations lol I've been in so many this year already...and dammit..the year has only just started lol...I suppose it is what makes us, US lol

    Like the blog :)


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