Monday, 3 January 2011

exams & antm

Another outfit post for you. The pictures are better today because my sister actually knows how to use a camera.

top - mum's wardrobe

leggings - topshop

scarf - vintage

wedges - new look

I got up at 12 and have been rather sluggish all day. I am supposed to be revising for my physics exam but I can't bring myself to even look at my folder. (Yes I was crazy enough to take A level physics) But I'm doing an all day revision session with a friend tomorrow at the library, so hopefully I can cram it all then. Not sure it will be enough though.

America's Next Top Model is on tonight and it's a brand new season - I'm so excited! I don't think it'll top last series with Krista winning but it will entertain me. Krista has got to be one of my favourite winners, she was just so on point - every single week. But I definitely watch the show for Tyra. She is just fierce to the core and she's not too serious. She can have fun and be wild and wacky, rather like myself.

Thank you to anyone who has visited, commented or followed me. You guys make my day :)

Have a good evening everyone

Lydia xx 


  1. Those shoes are amaaazing! Lovely blog! <3

  2. Cool outfit! Love the shoes :-)
    Wedges is so comfy, and good looking!


  3. the scarf


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