Sunday, 2 January 2011

questions & answers

You guys get a double dosage today. The questions are a mash up from ginger ecstasty and classic fashion diary

1. Why did you create this blog?
I was inspired really. I bumped into frassy and I've just been hooked on them ever since.
I have my own "nice but better be comfortable" style and I want to see what other people think of it. 
2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow fashion blogs because I like to see what other bloggers are wearing. It's so fun to see someone wear something that I would put together myself and I also pick up fashion inspiration. My favourites are London's Closet, The Flower Girl and Fashion Train - and I love i heart vintage x
3. Favourite makeup brand?
I don't really wear makeup as I am quite low maintainence but I do like Sleek because they do foundation for my skin colour
4. Your indispensable makeup product?
Hmmm, I would say blistex if that counts.
5.Favourite clothing stores?
I love primark and H&M for clothes and new look for shoes. Zara's autumn/winter collection was made for me but I don't really shop there - that is gonna change. I also love my parents wardrobe, vintage and free.
6. What would you describe your style as?
I would say I care more about comfort than anything even though I'll willing wear a pair of heels. My style is kinda like a mix of a young boy with lots of rings on and a headband.
7. Who's your fashion role model? (In real life and YouTube/Blogging)
Ummm, I'm not that sure. I don't dress like my fashion role model so I don't know if it counts. I love Rihanna's style but I think I dress more like Alexa Chung
8. What is your favourite fashion accessory?
RINGS. end of.
9. What could you not live without?
My dad's gold pinkie ring. It's now permanately fixated on the first finger on my left hand
10. Your favourite colour?
Definietly brown. The colour of chocolate, my loafers, and barack obama ;)
11. Your perfume?
I don't wear perfume, it goes back to that low maintainence thing
12. Your favourite film?
Dreamgirls - I know every word, every lyric and every dance move, or Toy story 3
13. What country would you like to visit and why?
I would love to go back to Sierra Leone again, I went there last christmas. It has the most incredible beaches and Africa is just an amazing place.

14. Who's your favourite singer/band?
OMG, this probably has to be the hardest question. I love TLC - they are my number one but I love Janelle Monae, Ellie Goulding, Nicki Minaj, Labrinth and Drake. And Alicia Keys sings my favourite song of all time
15. Write the last question and answer it yourself
My question to myself: Tell us one weird thing about yourself

When I was young, I didn't like the texture of cake so my mum would make me a birthday shortbread - decorated and everything. I love cake now nomnom

Hope you enjoyed my little Q&A and I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have

Lydia x


  1. U have a lovely blog

    love roxy <3

  2. i love your blog you could have more posts but it is still good


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